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More than a law firm, we create connections and solutions. With offices in Brazil and Portugal, we have the know-how and presence necessary to connect our customers in a lasting and global way to Europe.


We want to get to know you, as well as your business, in order to offer you an exclusive service, with solutions adapted, thought out and adapted to your needs.


With an objective and agile approach, we are specialized in wealth planning, international tax, corporate reorganization and immigration processes to Europe.

quem somos

Who we are

With a team of professionals with international careers in companies and financial institutions, with experience in investment planning and management in Europe, South America and the United States, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, we have IDENTIFIED the need to offer an exclusive service tailored to you and your company.


Our goal is to assist you in making correct decisions about your assets and your business, with a focus on planning and organization, in a global investment context.


We offer taylor made solutions, aligned with your expectations and with the particularity and complexity of each situation. In addition, we have several offices and partners, able to meet the demands that our customers need in full.

Mission and Vision

Translate, in a simple, agile and objective way, the complex content of the legal and business world

Present solutions aimed at the growth and maintenance of the client's assets in the long term

Be the reference office for investors in Europe and Brazil


Ethics in the relationship between the client and the various business agents

Focus on the customer and their investment

Communication in a simple and objective way

Social Responsability

Support and serve the immigrant community, from Portugal, promoting pro bono actions for immigrants in unfavorable conditions


Lawyers with national and international experience and experience


Track record of operations effective participation in several national and international transactions


Agility in service


Global presence offices in portugal and brazilstrategic partnerships in various countries


Objective solutions and in line with the customer's expectation

Our differential



We are proud to offer our customers the best solutions in the various areas of operation. We know we do better!

Wealth Planning
Coporate reoganization
Specific support  for foreign investors
International Tax
National   and international investments
Successory planning
Migration procedure for  europe

Specific support for foreign investors

aeroporto em telefones


Entry and stay in portugal

reunião de negócios

Taxation in portugal

Atribuição de residência fiscal em Portugal e suas consequências no regime fiscal dos residentes não habituais (RNH)

Mulher de negócios com mala de espera no

Golden Visa

Make one of the investments considered relevant under the law and keep it for a minimum period of 5 years.

Bandeiras do mundo

International tax

Evolution of taxation at the international level anti-abuse, cfc or international tax transparency rules

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